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Anycast allows any operator whose routing information is accepted by an intermediate router to hijack any packets intended for the Anycast address. While this at first sight appears insecure, it is no different from the routing of ordinary IP packets, and no more or less secure. As with conventional IP routing, careful filtering of who is and is not allowed to propagate route announcements is crucial to prevent man-in-the-middle or blackhole attacks.


Anycast is normally highly reliable, as it can provide automatic failover. Anycast applications typically feature external "heartbeat" monitoring of the server's function, and can withdraw the route announcement if the server fails. "Heartbeat" functionality is important because if the announcement continues for a failed server, the server will act as a "black hole" for nearby clients. Even in this event, this kind of failure will only cause a total failure for clients that are closer to this server than any other, and will not cause a global failure.


Anycast is simply layer-3 routing. A resolver’s query will be routed to the topologically nearest instance of the anycast server visible in the routing table. Anycast servers govern their own visibility. Latency depends upon the delays imposed by that topologically short path.


The 101domain daemon was developed in-house and uses a proprietary database for optimal reading, caching and performance compared to conventional technologies. Using this technology 101domain can drill down records to a more granular geographic record than any other DNS technology in known existence, offering the most precise DNS lookups available.

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