Marketing Monitoring Solutions

Secure, Monitor then Enforce

Marketing Monitoring Solutions

Marketing professionals are first and foremost focused on the exposure the company's brand receives. Brand exposure drives sales and acquires customers.

Unfortunately, in today’s far-reaching internet environment, exposure is not always good or authorized. Successful marketing professionals know that in order to monitor a brand's reputation, they must be proactive on multiple fronts. Today, those fronts include social media, pay per click advertising channels, unauthorized websites, auction sites, and more.

Our reputation monitoring solutions act as your eyes and ears to stay on top of your brand reputation and use on the internet. We tailor the service and reporting to meet your needs and to save you time and resources.

  • Keep tabs on the competition
  • Discover unauthorized retailers
  • Discover abuse of your brand mark by affiliates or counterfeiters
  • Set schedule and time of day to monitor
  • Monitor Google Adwords in up to 140 countries
  • Monitor Yahoo, Bing, Baidu (China), Yandex (Russia), and Naver (South Korea)

Key Features

Social Media can make or break a consumer brand overnight. Get a handle on who is saying what about your brand. To maintain brand reputation, capitalize on an emerging trend in your market, or prevent a public relations nightmare, we have you covered.

  • Social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Delicious, and more.
  • Blog platforms such as Wordpress, Blogspot and Tumblr
  • Video-sharing portals such as YouTube
  • Product Listing and auction sites such as eBay, Craig's List and Alibaba