Legal Monitoring Solutions

Secure, Monitor then Enforce

Legal Monitoring Solutions

As a legal professional, you deal with the fundamental legal challenges of brand protection every day.

Both online and offline brand protection, enforcement and monitoring are central aspects of a company’s trademark enforcement initiatives. You must enforce your trademark rights continuously and vigorously or risk losing those rights in the jurisdictions protected.

You also know that sorting through the tools and massive amounts of data that a robust monitoring and protection program can entail is an exhaustive and time-consuming task. To minimize the time, resources, and costs involved in developing and maintaining a vigorous brand protection and enforcement program, turn to the trusted partner of companies worldwide, 101domain.

101domain is available as a reliable partner in your brand protection efforts. Let our team of experienced brand protection professionals guide you through the process of creating and maintaining a strong online brand protection strategy to accommodate your company’s complex demands. We have spent years identifying and developing the tools needed and geared towards legal professionals like you.

Key Features

GAP Analysis A full baseline analysis identifies strengths and weaknesses with you. From here, we help you identify weaknesses in coverage as well as cost savings that can be achieved.

Corporate Domain Name Management Services Full-cycle management throughout the domain name lifecycle – registration, renewal, transfers, and configuration. We offer the most extensive list of gTLDs and ccTLDs, including trustee and proxy services, found anywhere in every jurisdiction worldwide, 101domain is the best source to secure any and all domain names you need.

Domain Name, Social Media and Paid Advertising Monitoring Gather key Information to help your legal team effectively track and take down infringers. All data is archived for retrieval in your account or for download into Excel or PDF formats later:

  • Monitor top level domains and sub-extensions in relation to your mark
  • Monitor social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Wordpress, YouTube, eBay and more
  • Monitor paid advertising networks like Google, Bing!, Yahoo, Yandex, and Naver
  • Create highly customizable search algorithms to dial in results and eliminate the irrelevant matches
  • Archive time-stamped screenshots of infringers
  • Store website IP addresses for later use in legal proceedings
  • Automatically categorize results based on pre-defined settings
  • Further categorize results based on user-defined settings