Consumer Goods Industry Solutions

Secure, Monitor then Enforce

Consumer Goods Industry Solutions

Counterfeit consumer products cost companies billions and billions of dollars every year in lost revenues worldwide, not to mention potentially endangering consumers.

Various studies have shown that well known consumer and fashion brands have found that up to 95% of their products sold on auction sites such as eBay are counterfeit. Internet auction fraud is the most commonly reported counterfeiting offense online, but this is only one of many channels counterfeiters look to profit from.

Unauthorized web stores, auction sites in countries like China, Russia, and South Korea, and paid advertising on search engines made to look legitimate are all major concerns to consumer goods-focused companies.

101domain's Brand Monitoring solutions are designed to build a robust counterfeit monitoring solution tailored to fit your needs. Our services employ tools to monitor auction sites, domain name registrations worldwide, social media channels, website content, and more.