C-Level Management Monitoring

Secure, Monitor then Enforce

C-Level Management Monitoring

As part of your company's executive team, you have the ability to align your company's resources to maintain and increase the value of your brand and execute brand building strategies.

101domain can become an extension of your brand-building and protection efforts. Let us provide you the valuable expertise and insight into the various nuances associated with online brand protection in today's global internet environment.

Our focus is to make it easier, more efficient and cost-effective to filter out all the unwanted noise and costly efforts involved in brand protection and monitoring for you and your team so you have time to focus on what matters most to you: growing your brand.

Key Features

  • Create a monitoring and enforcement strategy that focuses on what matters to you. Our brand monitoring reports are setup exclusively for you. We don't gather loads of data and dump it on you. It's filtered, analyzed, customized and archived according to your specifications to help you easily drill down to the most critical action items.
  • Our platform is able to monitor and track domain name registration activity, social media, paid advertising and auction sites—as frequently as you'd like.